If you are a business interested in joining the Coalition, fill out the application and e-mail to us or print it out and mail it to The New Hampshire for the Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs, PO Box 892, Dover, NH 03821-0892. There are no obligations and no cost to join!

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Supporting Service Dogs

    The New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs was established by Brendan Madden and is a non-profit organization, our goals are to answer any questions or concerns about service dogs to those owning service dogs or the public in general and help people provide their working dogs with the best quality of life possible. We will help with healthcare, vet bills, surgery, and medicines, purchasing food, and recommending vets and groomers.

    It Is our mission to create a state-wide network of businesses willing to offer some sort of support to service dogs and/or their owners or just help us educate their customers. Not just businesses like vets and groomers, but regular businesses, as well. This will create a much friendlier environment for people with service dogs.

           Our founder, Brendan Madden, received his first service dog, Japhy in 2005. Japhy has passed on now, but when Brendan looked for some help, he was unable to find anything. "The only organizations I was able to find were for training and placement." he says, "That's why I created this organization, so that there is something out there to help people with their service dogs!"

           He goes on to say, "I also want to spread more awareness of the important jobs these dogs have and educate the public about service dogs and the things they actually do!"

Important Information


a Service

Dog  PDF





grooming services

List of grooming services.



List of veterinary services.

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58 Front Street

Rollinsford, NH

(603) 749-9688

No charge for visits and products typically at cost.

Brendan and Japhy

Japhy was trained to hand a cashier money while I hold on to a counter!

Japhy loved to play outside!

Japhy was trained to open doors by

pressing the handicap button!

Japhy was trained to open the fridge to get a lunchbox, click to watch the full video!

Japhy was trained to bring me my



10 Third Street
Dover, NH 03820

(603) 834-9904

All dogs need to be current on rabies, distemper, and kennel cough vaccinations. Grooming not available for pregnant dogs or dogs in heat.


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